Dear Valued Friends,


By the strength taken from the 20 years of past as TAM Group; Republic of Turkey is taking her place among the developed countries in terms of industry and technology, in a fast manner. In the fact that our country reached this point, the advanced investments that are generated by our people’s active entrepreneurship and private sector’s growth constitute an important role model. In addition to this; the strategical location of our beloved country within countries’ geography and the dynamic community structure of her are the primary factors that enable us to improve.  


We continue to grow each passing day, owing to the years of work experience and rich cultural heritage. Since 1998, we produce innovative business solutions and works in unoccupied markets, which contains high level of environmental consciousness and which improves the area constantly. What we have as our objective is not only to make profit, but also to be a reliable business partner for the countries and companies we work with, and be not harmful to the environment.


While complying with the requirement of contemporary civilization, the points we need to take into consideration is to detect the deficits of the private sector entrepreneurs, instead of making repetitive investments, and tend towards completive investments in this sense, besides at the same time to use the latest technology available. From this viewpoint, as TAM Group and the shareholders, it is among our greatest goals to transfer the experience of ours in Turkey, to the countries of Africa, and to give a hand for the people of that continent in the process of development. 


We are undertaking a great responsibility in countries’ employment and economic development by providing access and infrastructure of electricity, which is one of the most important necessities of African countries, and thus creating job opportunities all along Africa. With the consciousness that our responsibility is a great deal, we work so that we can offer more to humanity, with the principle of “developed and productive Africa”, without compromising on our values.


The possibility that our main industry feels stronger and ready for competition in foreign markets, depends on the fact that subsidiary industry shall be stronger. In this manner; ALELMAS has taken the energy sector as core, but on top of that has generated and effectuated correct models and strategies for many different entries in export industry, and shall continue its work pertinaciously. 


For the sake of constructing our country’s bright future; I consider that transferring all the experience and knowledge we obtained during the course we have been taking in a determined manner, is a responsibility that we should undertake. I could gladly say that we, as TAM Group family, shall move forward confidently to a prosperous and bright future, by utilizing the unique opportunities that our country has. In this sense; I would like to thank all my fellow friends and our supporters, for their contributions, efforts and endeavors.