One of the most important problems that the World confronts in 21st century is safe energy provision. Today, the way that countries produce and use energy is not sustainable. On the other hand, the quality factor of mainstream energy and electric products is very important. In spite of the fact that renewable energy resources have increased, coal, oil and natural gas shall protect their position as main energy resources, until the year of 2040. It is expected that among fossil fuels, natural gas is going to be the fastest growing energy type.


In 2017 average, 33% of the energy consumption is constituted of oil and liquid fuels, but it is foreseen that this ratio shall be around 31% with a slight decrease, by the year of 2040. Increasing energy demands and changing equilibrium of the global world changes the demand and supply markets too. In wish for utilizing this available global market in all kinds of investment areas such as; natural gas, hydraulic, coal, wind power, solar power, geothermal and oil products, ALELMAS realizes their energy projects in stages.


In this direction; our company, which is taking customer satisfaction as the basic principle, provides product service in many areas in addition to energy types such as; voltaic panels, solar power, wind plants, natural gas plants, thermic plants and hydroelectric plants, energy accessories, molded parts, lighting masts, heaters/coolers, generators and engines.



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