Chemical Products Industry has a very wide range of products. The industry includes; mineral fuels/oils, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, pharmacy, fertilizers, paint, mastic, varnish, perfumery and cosmetics, soap kinds, albuminoidal material, gunpowder, explosive materials, photography and cinema related products, various chemicals, plastic and plastic based goods, rubber and rubber based goods. 


Chemistry Industry has an important role both in production and foreign trade; as it is an industry branch that provides intermediate goods and raw material for many sectors. There are very few products that are produced without using raw materials from chemistry industry. In this context, it provides many industrial areas with final and intermediate products such as; pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, veterinary medications, synthetic fiber, soap, detergent, cleansers, raw materials for plastic, human medication industry, cosmetic industry, paint, auxiliary materials, leather, textile, construction (pipes, plates, doors, windows, etc.) glue, joint filler materials, insulation materials, photography related materials, gunpowder and explosives.


The Cosmetics Industry’s range of products include; essential oils, composition of the odorizing materials used as raw material in industry, perfumes, preparations for beauty/make up and skin care, preparations for hair, preparations peculiar to protect mouth/tooth health, shaving preparations, body deodorants and bathroom preparations.


In this context, as ALELMAS we meet all demands related to chemistry and cosmetics within foreign trade, in operational field.



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