In order for our power in global agricultural trade to increase; we certainly need to make our moves in accordance with the necessities of the age. With regard to the popular issues of present day, such as digitalizing of production, introduction of new products, and quick responding to customer needs; effective steps should be taken. In this context; we realize that there is a necessity to build a structure, which shall enable data exchange among raw material, manufacturer, cooperatives and retail sales points. In this direction; we have the goal to become stronger by utilizing the golden triangle of university, industry and state.   


In the last twenty years, imports and exports within agriculture-food and other industries in Turkey have grown on close ratios to each other. The success of export of the industry, which does not have the opportunity to benefit from freedom of trade that non agriculture – nonfood industries benefit, is promising for the future. The industry on one hand has increased export of traditional export products as fruit, vegetables and nuts, it on the other hand has succeeded to increase export of processed food industry’s products, with small steps nonetheless.


In this direction, with the belief that small steps should become bigger; we have determined the limits of our foreign trade as all food products – except for fisheries, and unprocessed herbal and animal products.



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