ALELMAS, was founded within the body of TAM GROUP in the year of 2008, in order to meet the demands received from abroad, in a professional manner and to search International Markets.


Incorporating within itself, industries such as; iron-steel, electronic, real estate-investment consultancy, energy, food, air shipping, construction, chemistry and cosmetics, machinery, furniture, oil and mining, health and tourism, defense industry, agriculture, facility establishment and design, publishing and initially energy industry since the year of 2008, ALELMAS has accomplished great success especially on the projects based in Chad, and maintains their project feasibility activities in a great speed. They succeeded to draw attention owing to the high performance achieved and the “customer satisfaction” and “service quality” of their activities.


Our company, which is improving day by day, shall continue to preserve its place in the industry and improve it, for the sake of our dear customers.