As TAM Group, whose activities started in electricity sector in the year of 1998, we take an active role in the area of publishing by supporting scientific fields, in addition to the fields of activity as construction, textile, food, furniture, chemistry and cosmetics, oil and mining within energy sector, air shipping, health tourism, agriculture, defense industry and facility establishment. As a result of our cooperation in the Africa market for over 10 years, we have continuously accelerated our export activities; in order to cater to the requests of the business world from Turkey, in relation to various products and raw materials. In this manner; we have realized exports to the countries of the continent, of many items such as, food, construction materials, educational tools, consumer durable goods, textile products, agricultural machinery, brick machinery, and socio-cultural infrastructure support. 


While our investments in Africa continued, we had the honor of meeting our Former Chad Ambassador of Turkish Republic, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kavas. We founded Alelmas Publishing centered in Yalova, hearkening to the summons of Dear Ahmet Kavas, who insistently addressed to the importance of introducing Africa for its different aspects, both in the continent geography and in our own country, over this critical milestone of our lives. When our experience on the field was united with the publishing sector, very valuable works came to life. For as much as; academic works and research / field reports, which have been published within our publishing house, have the identification to assure clinching of bilateral cooperation in the area and to provide solutions for the problems that might be confronted within the continental countries as if they were inspired by history itself. We submit the 4 new works released under the assistance of Dear Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kavas who is the Founding President of Association of Researchers on Africa (AFAM), for your appreciation.    



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