Health tourism has developed quickly in the last 10 years throughout the world. Number of people who travelled only for medical reasons has exceeded 15 million, and reached a turnover of above 150 billion USD. Although the number of people travelling within thermal tourism, medical SPA, elderly and disabled tourism, and the turnover cannot be precisely estimated; it is presumed to be much more than medical tourism.


In tourism countries such as Turkey, it is a must to diversify tourism sector and extend it to 12 months. Tourism is a very important service sector, in terms of being active through 12 months and creating employment. Health tourism, on the other hand is an issue of trade and takes a very important place in the economy of countries’. With regards to number of international patients, top 5 countries of the world are respectively as; USA, Germany, Thailand, India and Turkey. We have 48 health institutions in our country, which are accredited by JCI and give service in international standards. In Turkey, various studies have been initiated to strengthen health tourism infrastructure, both within private hospitals and within university or public hospitals. In this context; City Hospital Projects draw attention as the rising values of our country.


Within this context, as ALELMAS we have made agreements with many private hospitals centered in Yalova and İstanbul, in the scope of health tourism activities. We are planning to generate operation and project fields in below mentioned areas, in which Turkey is a rising market throughout the world.


Medical Tourism

Thermal Tourism, SPA-Wellness

Elderly and Disabled People’s Tourism



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