TAM Group gives priority to employ educated, talented and successful people; with the awareness that they can attain the high level goals they desire, only by having the most qualified human resources. During employment process, not only filling the vacancy at that moment is considered, but also the long term goals of the company.


ALELMAS, which carries out international operations under the body of TAM Group, is a company where all employees respect one another, where training and development is sustained starting from the employment, where efforts are rewarded and success is appreciated. Our company embraces the approach “our most valuable capital is our human resources”. 


Our Human Resources mission is to support the whole company management and employees, and to establish human resource systems in a coordinated manner with relevant departments, in order to ensure the sustainability of TAM Group teams, in a creative, dynamic, wise, motivated, efficient and productive manner. In other words; TAM Group provides their employees with all kinds of career improvement.