Taking an irreplaceable place in human and social life, the “mining” industry, along the history has been one of the factors that played the most effective role on developed countries’ reaching the technology and wealth level they have. Together with agriculture, mining is one of the two fundamental production areas, which supply societies with raw materials. Developed countries, which utilizes their natural resources in an effective manner, owes their current economic power mainly to this fact. This industry has a special importance, due to the direct contribution it makes to economy, and to the inputs it provides for other areas of economy, especially manufacturing industry.    


USA, China, South Africa, Canada, Australia and Russia are the primary countries, which not only have significant shares in world’s mine reserves, but also have active roles in world’s mine production. On the other hand; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Russia and Turkic Republics have significant reserves in petroleum production, which is not included in mine category. In world trade, among the mining products, in accordance with export values; crude oil, non-ferrous metals and industrial minerals have a significant place. 


When the figures from world trade are examined; it is observed that while usage of traditional metals such as steel, copper, lead and tin decreases, usage of high technology materials such as advanced ceramic materials, plastic and polymer origin materials continuously increases. By virtue of being the initial supplier of many industries, the sector is one of the cornerstones of global economy. Besides; precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and coltan have significance in global economy, with regards to the industry. 


ALELMAS, carrying out operations under the body of TAM Group, is excited about taking the first steps into oil and mine exploration, while aiming at increasing inputs for our country’s economy.



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